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Once the Maple Alliance assembles enough Determination

MapleStory, the 18 year-old free-to-play MMORPG, is still getting major content updates.

The most anticipated clash event in Maple history
Buy MS2 Mesos attracts two new Tenebris places, an epic duel against Black Mage's top Commander Verus Hilla, and the monumental battle against the Black Mage himself.

Gamers level 200 or greater who have completed the 5th job advancement can access the Labyrinth of fretting, Tenebris' next area. At the conclusion of the quest, players will find Verus Hilla, among the Black Mage's top Commanders, ready to fight. Limina, Tenebris' closing area, can be accessible as players must help the Tenebris expedition escape dangerous situations indoors to complete the Journey of Destiny.

In addition, every course is going to receive a new 5th job ability to resist the Dark Mage and after the Maple Alliance assembles enough Determination to power up the Spark of Determination, all out war breaks loose as the highly anticipated Dark Mage Boss Battle will become accessible. Together with the Dark Mage's HP being shared across all worlds, MapleStory players across the world must work together in this epic battle to eventually defeat the Dark Mage.

Additionally, new defense missions have been added:Flame Bird Service - gamers can find out the Flame Bird's Summon ability by speaking to Helena.

With over 13 million registered players out of its International services alone(you will find total seven MapleStory services across the globe ), the game keeps growing and evolve alongside its passionate community since launching over 13 years ago. There were over 274 million figures created to date, which will make MapleStory the 4th highest populated nation on the planet.

Participants who are flat 200 or greater and who have completed their fifth job advancement -- a profession level which has been increased in this upgrade for each class -- will be able to access two new zones inside"MapleStory's" Tenebris region: the Labyrinth of Suffering and the closing Tenebris area named Limina. Once the Maple Alliance assembles enough Determination to power the Spark of Determination, the Dark Mage Boss Battle will appear.

But it'll be tricky to harm him and he won't be
Maplestory 2 Mesos killed in one fight. In Big Boss form, the Black Mage's wellness points are in fact shared across all servers and players and will require players across all servers to hack away. It's only once his health is low enough he will embrace an alternate form where he could sew new abilities. The final point in this story is very likely to arrive next year.

Additionally, the update adds new defense missions to the game. The first, Flame Bird Service sees gamers summon a flame bird to conquer monsters. Twilight Defense, a brand new multi-character mission, includes 2-4 characters combine forces against enemies using cannons from beneath castle walls. In the end, in Battle at Sea players need to defeat enemies on ships within the time limit.
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